Hi, I am Andy.

Welcome to “The Adventures of Andy”.

I am an Attorney, and soon to be admit Notary, from Johannesburg, South Africa. I grew up in Johannesburg and have lived here all my life although I have traveled to quite a few destinations around the world.

My main interests are the following:
1. Travelling. I really love to travel. There are always new and interesting destinations to explore, even in places that have been visited previously.

2. Food, wine and good company. There are few things better than enjoying a good meal with great company. I also really enjoy cooking.

3. Sports. I enjoy a variety of sports and participate in cycling and running with the odd triathlon here and there. My sport has enabled me to enjoy both of the interests listed above.

The above are the main reasons for this blog and I really hope you enjoy sharing my adventures with me.

You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter – @andyrlapin


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