Welcome to “The Adventures of Andy”!

Welcome to “The Adventures of Andy”!

On this blog you will be able to share in my adventures relating to travelling, food, wine and the odd bit of sport as well as a combination of them (and I do have a few great combination adventures planned for the very near future!).

My aim is to take you on a journey to fabulous locations – both near and far, to create new experiences and perspectives for you, to allow you to enjoy and share the numerous wonders that life has to offer and ultimately to allow you to feel like you are on the adventures with me!

The planned posts for the near future will be two amazing culinary adventures from Johannesburg and then a very exciting travelling adventure (which also includes what promises to be an extremely special culinary adventure) to Europe! All three posts will be done in early January as the travelling adventure begins in the next few days. So please definitely return and keep an eye out for those.

If you find this blog interesting then please share it so that others can experience the same adventures with us. You can also get “snapshots” of my adventures on Instagram and Twitter – @andyrlapin


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